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Enjoy the Flavor

At Enjoy the Flavor, we like to eat, like to cook, and like to find great tasting products. That led us to search out great flavor and we found some of these flavors from small and medium producers. We enjoy sharing our discoveries with you and telling you the stories behind these unique producers. Enjoy the Flavor will continue to search out great tasting food products, helping you discover them...   and helping the producers promote them.

Some history, from our founder...

Enjoy the Flavor got started when I was helping launch All Spice Cafe Gourmet Hot Sauces and was doing sampling demos at numerous local markets, during which I started meeting other small producers who were also trying to promote their gourmet brands. I discovered that we (as a group of small producers) were all trying to do the same thing, but independently. We all had ecommerce, but only with a handful of products each. I thought maybe one online site with several product lines, it might help promote products for several producers, as well as giving the consumers one location to find these great tasting products. Not only saving consumers time by providing one location to purchase, but all products are shipped together from one location and one point of communication for customer service. So in 2010 Enjoy the Flavor was launched.
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