During COVID-19 we continue to ship orders as long as our shipping partners are operating. Delays may happen and inventory may be limited, please understand we are doing the best we can. We're all in this together. Be safe everyone!
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The Rewards Program is like mileage points or the punch card at your favorite coffee shop. Our Rewards Program lets you accrue points (1 point for each $1 spent) and once you collect enough points, you can redeem those points for free product(s) with your next order.

Each item description page will show you the points you will get purchasing that item and when you are logged in, you will see the points needed to redeem for that product.

The points rewarded will be based on each item's purchase price, which means that when there are discounts (whether items are on sale, or discounted because of quantities ordered, or because of coupon/discount) the points earned are also discounted (reduced).

You can see your current points balance by checking your account: (click here) and be sure that you are logged in.